Maugrim 7" lathe cut EP

by Maugrim

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Limited to 23 copies on square 7" polycarbonate with a screen printed cover. This EP features two tracks of haunting, depressive black metal from Maugrim's "A Premature Slaughter, In an Age of Torment" CD ep.

Copies of the lathe-cut may be purchased from Fragile Branch Recordings here:

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released July 2, 2013


all rights reserved



Fragile Branch Recordings Columbus, Ohio

Fragile Branch is a small record label that is dedicated in its love for dark, atmospheric music that speaks to the beauty and vibrant-yet-fleeting nature of the human experience.

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Track Name: A Premature Slaughter, In an Age of Torment
endless nights bring closure to all there ever was
these woods will comfort my battered soul
composure of our love, distorted by the lust
is there a point to this hopeless life? to the endless lies?
no meaning or will left in my displeased heart
black is the night, as is my soul
forever looking for something to ease my sorrow

flocked in the trees, the crows perch so peacefully
to be one with the forest, is all my heart longs for
ages of torment, all led up to this
a premature slaughter of my emotions
can there be an answer? to the painful trials we have taken part

ignorance is bliss, but bliss has become my only friend
self-hate, an option, to redeem the displeasure
set me free, o' ye who claims the rightful place

cleanse my mind of the utter distress.
is there nothing left?

please. take me. and make me free.
please. break me. and make me bleed.
Track Name: This Is My Coffin, My Place of Rest
Pale illusions surround my unstable mind
Tangled in this web of utter confusion
You turned your back on me, and now I am here to perish
Damned into these abyssal corridors, wandering lifeless and empty
Bewildered, you threw it all away, and why is it that now I must pay?
These webs have tangled more then my mind, and soon their creators will come to feast
I am deaf to what goes on around, blind to what happens before my very eyes
Fading slowly into this ensuing blackness of my crippled mind
The shrieking fills my rotting brain, when shall I escape the constant sorrow? When shall I be set free from this storm of delusion?
Abandoned, feeding on this melancholy, something to satisfy the emptiness
This will be my coffin, my place of rest, all for you I gave my best
But now here I am, searching for the keys to wisdom, on a path that lead me far from reality
Enclosed within the forest of my own mind, these nights grow dimmer
The moon forbears to shine upon me, but please do not look away
take my mind, and break these chains of darkened thought

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